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We, as (or on behalf of) the owner of the facility, apply for the registration of the BIC Facility Code for the below mentioned depot facility.

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The BIC Facility Code uses a 9-character format that builds on the 5-character UN/Locode. The structure is as follows:

5 Alpha characters of the official UN-LOCODE, maintained by the UNECE, as follows:

• 2 letters identifying the country (ISO 3166);
• 3 letters identifying the municipality

4 Alpha characters to define the specific facility.

Note: While not required, best practice for the facility identifier is as follows:

• 3 letters identifying the owner/operator of the facility;
• the last letter can be used to distinguish between multiple facilities of the same within the same municipality: ‘A’ for the first physical address, ‘B’ for the second, and so on. Companies with mobile operations are identified by ‘M’.

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