BIC is supporting digitalization initiatives in the container shipping industry by providing standardized codes that can be used by lessors, carriers, shippers, hauliers, or any other party involved in the supply chain. The use of a standardized code enables all participants to digitally communicate with each other in a unified way without ambiguity.

Code list are foundational to the success of standards and are in use globally supporting many things we take for granted, such as bank codes, airport codes, currency codes and many others.

BIC provides these codes through APIs (Application Programming Interface) which allows machine to machine communication as well as acting as a source of truth, which software applications can use when building services for the container shipping industry.

Available APIs:

BIC Codes

Identify the owner of the container from a BIC Code

BIC Facility Code

Identify and find container facility locations


Find container technical and safety data for a given container

How to get started


Register for access to the BIC APIs


Download the OpenAPI specifications for integration


Explore the API’s using our Postman Collection


Terms of Use

As always, BIC wishes to promote standardization in the container shipping industry and believes that the data should be available under a fair use approach. So, we ask you when using our APIs to be responsible with your calls and usage so the APIs can remain openly available to all. If you require access that is more demanding, we have some options available and encourage you to contact us to discuss the best way forward instead of trying to be creative.

The full Terms and Conditions can be found here.