The BoxTech Global Container Database is a neutral, centralized data repository providing container owners and users a platform to easily exchange container fleet technical details.

BoxTech provides an easy-to-access source of container characteristics to help support carriers, shippers, forwarders and other stakeholders in the supply chain. BoxTech is a non-profit service operated by BIC.

BoxTech allows shippers, forwarders and other stakeholders to access a single database, eliminating the need to either visit multiple websites to obtain the tare weight data or to obtain this information from the weight indicated on the door of each container.

Technical Details Shared:

BoxTech allows for the complete set of container technical details to be shared, including:

  • Container number
  • Size-type code
  • Tare weight
  • Maximum gross mass
  • Maximum payload
  • Maximum stacking weight


  1. Owners easily post container fleet technical details through APIs or data uploads.
  2. Users enjoy fast, automated access to reliable equipment data from a single location.
  3. Efficiency in complying with the SOLAS Verified Gross Mass (VGM) declaration requirement.
  4. Avoid phone calls and emails staff will otherwise have to initiate/answer about tare weight, size and type, payload, etc.
  5. APIs allow automated data queries and integration directly into systems.
  6. A non-profit, non-commercial service operated by BIC.