The International Register of Container Owner Codes

Promoting safety, security, standardization and sustainability in container transportation.

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BIC Codes

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international register of container owner codes

BIC Codes

Container Owner Codes

The international register of container owner codes

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Global Container Database

A neutral, centralized data repository to easily exchange container fleet technical details, owner/operator information, and alerts

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BIC Facility Codes

Container Facility Database

A unique, harmonized code to identify container facilities and their locations

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BIC Code Register

Why use a BIC Code?

The international register of identification codes was originated by BIC in 1970

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Check Digit Calculator

The container check digit provides a means of validating the transmission accuracy of the owner/operator code and serial number.

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The BIC is supporting digitalization initiatives in the container shipping industry by providing standardized codes for the supply chain.

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BIC: Bureau of International Containers

What is the BIC?

Publisher of the BIC Code Register since 1970, the BIC was appointed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1972 as the industry’s global container prefix registry, a role further endorsed by International Customs Conventions, and currently has over 2,400 container-operating members in more than 126 countries.

Our Mission

BIC magazine n°1/2024

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BIC Awards

Recognizing exceptional contributions to safety, security, standardization and sustainability

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Marking & Safety

An explanation of the markings of containers

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The ACEP (Approved Continuous Examination Program) scheme for CSC safety examinations

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